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  • Happe Hippo commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes 0019: Raspberry WiFi2 years ago
    HackerBoxes 0019: Raspberry WiFi

    Also, as some constructive criticism, it'd be nice if the people from HackerBox could have pointed to some instructions/specs for the actual part that they provided. I wasn't able to find anything on that part on the web. Maybe they should have picked a part where more documentation is available. I know I'm not supposed to sweat it, but if I take the time to make something, I like to know if it works right (and how to work it). Possible OCD kicking in? I also know that it is supposed to be part of the adventure, but ... Also, regarding the Pi Zero W, it's a nice small package and it worked fine but I like the Pi 3 better. This was my first Hackerbox. I am an old chemical engineer trying to make sense of this sorcery that is electronics.

    I finished the LED sequencer. Want to know what is supposed to happen. If I turn off and on 5 V, the red LEDs light in sequence (for the most part), which was described by the tutorial. What is the purpose of the two jumpers? And how are the blue LEDs supposed to light? I was hoping I'd plug it into 5 V and the sequencing would happen by itself. Those LEDs are brighter than I thought they'd be, btw. Maybe the blue LEDs and the middle LED don't light because of my skills. Also, I assumed the polarity of the middle LED was the same as the adjacent diodes - is that right?

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