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  • HeinzD2 commented on pat_pending's instructable Motorised Drift Trike3 years ago
    Motorised Drift Trike

    HEY there guys i just wanted to show yall what we do on weekends with this sport im crazy over it and gonna take this far please check out the video so i can post more crazy stuffs also here is a couple of pics for my new project turning a scooter into a drift trike

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  • How I built a Drift Trike a step by step guide.

    here is the video

    hey there guys i have made one and this is asport that is killer i love it will never hate this even after the age of 100 ill still be drifting i have left some pics of my new project and a video of us in the mall parking lot what a lot of fun this new project of mine with a scooter ill keep all of you posted will start a thread for a step by step

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