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  • How to Extract Your Own DNA Using Household Kitchen Items

    when using a regional DNA test, using the DNA from a single family member is not always conclusive because we do not inherit all the DNA from everyone of our ancestors. To combat this problem, it is best to use the DNA from multiple family members, preferably siblings and parents; even better if you can also use grandparents as well. This will provide enough family DNA to do a very accurate regional DNA test

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  • HoppyH1 commented on bwayne64's instructable 27 Led Light Mod2 years ago
    27 Led Light Mod

    Rather than removing the batteries, I would simply replace them with rechargeable batteries which would allow you to disconnect from the adapter and still have a fully charged light

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  • HoppyH1 commented on velacreations's instructable Chispito Wind Generator3 years ago
    Chispito Wind Generator

    While I like the design, I feel that there were additional drawings/labels needed to make the blade construction easier to understand. I have no problem in figuring it out as I have a background in making aircraft propellers and blades, but without diagrams labeling each step, many will fail to grasp how it goes together IMHO

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