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  • IbrahimK33 commented on nivenenna's instructable Motion Detection Alarm System 3 years ago
    Motion Detection Alarm System

    and how to do this step,what it meansGo to the directory where the generated JAR file is located

    hi all,i am a student.i had made the 8 steps and it works on my laptop ,it had sent a message to my email,but i need help in the last steps .to use the raspberry pi. camfirst the computer must be joined with the raspberry by an Ethernet cable.2,what to do ??3- i can send a video stream from the raspberry pi to the internet ,i cant use thatplz a help ,any ethernet cable can be used or there must be a special one.

    i am so thankful for ur reply mrs.nivenenna 1-i had moved the file by using a USB to the raspberry pi.2- you can see in the picture there is a problems with my code.3-why we are using the Ethernet cable.thank you ,i must do it. :) with your help Mrs.Nivenenna.

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  • IbrahimK33 followed nivenenna3 years ago
  • Mobile Station prototype for Environmental Data Capture ("a Mars Rover emulator")

    Hi Mr.MjrovaiKindly note that i am trying to make your Project ,i am student and i am making it for the university.if i had faced any problem ,can i ask you about it .

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