I am a custom wood craftsman with over 25 years experience in handmade furniture ,also in antiques restoration, character home restoration and custom millwork including large high-end Irish Pubs, Yacht furnishing/out fittings. I love Pattern Makers work /Joinery – Problem solving on the whole. I have found my ‘home’ in building pieces from massive slabs of locally sourced Canadian trees . My furniture and other woodwork features the stability and natural beauty of the tree itself in its most... Read More »
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    Some Basic Woodwork Skills

    Hello, good on you for turning people onto woodworking as a hobby! I have been a Joiner since 1985 ish and think everyone should work wood or any natural material helps ground us.A little positive feed back if you do not mind - I would warn against using a "rubber" mallet like the top photo to hit chisels. They bounce which is both inaccurate and dangerous,a wooden mallet or brass carvers mallet , even a small "dead blow mallet"will give much more control and better results.Cheers happy wood chip making Dan N

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