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  • JGlielmi commented on pjdtechy's instructable Autonomous Arduino Rover 53 years ago
    Autonomous Arduino  Rover 5

    Hi I'm working on something similar as well and would like to see the code involved. the link is no longer functioning...thanks and Kudos on all the hard work

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  • JGlielmi commented on FunHacks's instructable Refillable Air Can Life Hack3 years ago
    Refillable Air Can Life Hack

    I myself would use a sealant designed to seal a threaded pipe, such as natural gas lines or such. and try to solder the valve into place.

    as can be seen in the images attached these air cans contain the Diflouroethane spoken of. I've never seen one using butane. although butane and propane are both used as propellants, but the cans are always marked Flammable.

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