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  • James A.L commented on Nate5b's instructable How I ended up mopping the ceiling...3 years ago
    How I ended up mopping the ceiling...

    I had a similar, though more dangerous, experience with my pool chlorinator some years ago. Our pool filtration/heater system had an automatic chlorinator bottle for pucks which dissolved over time. I also had a bucket of chlorine pucks, some of which had broken down to a powder. To empty the container I dumped the powdered pucks into the bottle (which was contained in a shed, btw) and screwed down the lid. I had just stepped out the doorway when a blast like a bomb went off and I saw jagged shards of plastic flying across and beyond the diagonal corner of the 50' x 20' pool. I have no idea about the chemistry involved but I'm sure I would have been serious affected had I not had the shed wall between myself and the 'bomb'. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

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