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  • How to Build an 8-Bit Computer

    I made some ne of these following Ben Eater on YouTube with a few changes to the layout to simplify programming. I’m working on a few simple programs but would be interested if you have any to share.

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  • HiI’ve just posted a link to the electronics schematic above. I used Seeedstudio to fabricate the board and Farnell for the components. Other items like the pliers, LEDs and framing wire I found on eBay. The wood for the jigs I picked up at B&Q. Plus you’ll need a decent soldering station, solder etc, ebays your friend here as well. There’s a lot more detailed pictures of sections of the PCB in the word document I linked to in the instructions on how to populate the board plus a few other photos available in the write up of the PCB layout - but it is a bit complex. Good luck with your build. James

    I used the same schematic as published on Kevin Daraghs website to be found here > luck with the build. James

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  • Hi LuxxalIf you mean the flat nose pliers I used to bend the LEDs then the width is about 5mm, You can get them very cheap from eBay - example link below

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  • I don't have anymore boards available at the moment. I had 5 made, sold one and I've just finished building my fourth 8x8x8 RGB cube (it gets a bit addictive :-)). Be interesting to know if there is anyone who has built more than one of these let alone 4.I still need to work on my next PCB revision. I'll post a message on here when/if these become available.The idea for the 16x16x16 cube is to use four 8x8x8 PCBs tiled together. - a single PCB to support a 16^3 cube would just be too big.

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  • I don't have any more boards available currently.I am working on a revised PCB design which will make the board smaller (to support a 16^3 cube) and use SMD components but I am still a long way from finalizing this design and sending it out for manufacture.I'll post a comment on here when this revised design is available, probably with all the components already fitted and tested but this'll probably not be in time for your school projectJames

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  • So far we have prepared 2000 of the 4096 LEDs required for a 16^3 cube. I am planning to redesign my current PCB so that I can tile four PCBs together to support this bigger design - I need to reduce every side of the board by 15mm to support this and I am exploring going with SMD components too.This project will take us a long time to complete - the hardware alone is a challenge and then we'll need to rework and upgrade the Arduino driver and code.

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  • There is an earlier question and feeback below on exactly this topic

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