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  • JamesR447 commented on BrittLiv's instructable Measure the Speed of Nerf Darts1 year ago
    Measure the Speed of Nerf Darts

    I would like to make a similar device to determine the requisite speed for a hypodermic needle to penetrate rather than indent a target vein (during central venous cannulation). 1. ¿Have you verified the accuracy of this system?2. If so, ¿what method of verification did you use? 2. If accuracy has been determined, ¿over what range of speeds is this system accurate (i.e., what is the precision, e.g. +/- 20%)? 3. ¿Do you think that using lasers as light sources might give more accurate results than LEDs?4. ¿Do you have any idea how much precision will be lost if the light emitters are fairly close together?-- e.g. 1 cm apart.Thank youJames Riopelle

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