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  • JeffR135 commented on eafindme's instructable Burnt ESC? How to Revive a Dead ESC?2 years ago
    Burnt ESC? How to Revive a Dead ESC?

    You seem very knowledgable about Rc electronics. I Have a question / request. , can you advise on how / where to solder an electric thumb throttle with three wire into a servo tester, to bypass the pot. I am building a power harness for hang glider. Servo tester works fine to control out runners ( obviously ), but I would rather have a spring loaded pot. I can send photos of the servo tester circuit board . I have searched you tube, and people post have videos using this set up but dont detail where they solder in to bypass onboard pot. Thank you Jeff

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  • JeffR135 commented on Ganhaar's instructable Gas Beating Electric Race Kart2 years ago
    Gas Beating Electric Race Kart

    I am working on a electric harness for hang glider. Currently I am working with direct drive brushless motor prop. I would pay for someone to fabricate motor mount / driveshaft and reduction pulley as this go cart. know. Thanks Jeff

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