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  • JesseL65 commented on jessyratfink's instructable Unusual Uses for Dryer Sheets1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Dryer Sheets

    The bug killer you are thunking of is called pyrethrum. It is an all natural insecticide made from the dried crushed leaves of Chrysanthemum plants. It is very safe to use around humans and animals but it is more effective than most poisons against infestations of ants, mosquitos, gnats, bees, hornets, termites, etc. You can buy it at a garden center as a spray or dust. Or find an exterminator who will use a stronger concentration and can work in more dangerous areas.

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  • JesseL65 commented on Trochilidesign's instructable USB Volume knob2 years ago
    USB Volume knob

    well giddy up there Hoss...R.I.P.

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