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  • JoakimJ7 commented on Maker Saga's instructable Cheap WiFi Range Extender for IoT1 year ago
    Cheap WiFi Range Extender for IoT

    Ok, i think it's me setting it up wrong. The only connection to the D1 mini is an usb-cable from my PC. 1. Install driver CH341SER_win2. Start ESPFlashDownloadTool_v3.4.1 and esp8266.3. Use bins in firmware-folder.4. Chance to 32mbit.5. Clock start 6. Unplug D1 mini when program show "finish".Reconnect D1 mini and search for wifi Network but unsuccessfully. So i miss something? My D1 mini miss the uart/prog switch?

    i figure it out now, i missed to mark the two binary files to the left so they turn green. explains how my old sketch was still on the board.Now it works very well. Thank you very much./Joakim

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