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  • JoeA9 followed lonesoulsurfer1 year ago
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  • JoeA9 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Mini Fire Piston1 year ago
    Simple Mini Fire Piston

    I didn't see this in your post so I thought I should mention that motor oil will break down the O-ring. A silicon plumbers grease works and won't break down the O-ring.

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  • JoeA9 commented on PeterS296's instructable DIY Bullet Headphones3 years ago
    DIY Bullet Headphones

    I wasn't thinking quite that big. I was thiking about something like .50 AE, But thanks.

    I know that at the top you said to use 45 ACP. Do you know if it would be possible to use any larger caliber such as .50 action express?

    Ok. Thank you. I must have missed the diameters of the shell heads during my reading. That and I don't exactly have a supply of shells right here in my pockets (no complaining if I did). I'll have to do some measuring when I get home. Thank you for the answer and the great instructable.

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