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  • JoeB95 commented on kmazzoni's instructable Electromechanical Marine Steering System8 months ago
    Electromechanical Marine Steering System

    Electric steering has been around for well over 60 years. I did not see how one steers your boat when the system fails. Motors fail and seize, electronics fail, so an instantaneous takeover of the helm is an absolute requirement. To view one of the premier manufacturers of hydraulic and electric steering drives and autopilots, look to Ray Marine, they have been building them for many decades. As a school project, yours is fine, great project, and no doubt fun.

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  • Audio Amplifier | Simple & Powerful

    The lightbulb filament has a huge range in resistances depending on the current flowing through it and is quite non-linear. Regardless for a fun and simple project for kids, this is great.

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  • JoeB95 commented on EbenosWoodShop's instructable A simple coffee table out of wood3 years ago
    A simple coffee table out of wood

    In my view, ash is nicer than oak and can be finished to a smoother surface with less effort. Nice table.

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  • JoeB95 commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool3 years ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    The most awesome hack for steel wool was an instructable where a guy stuffed 0000 wool into the end of an automobile brake line with the other end connected to a needle valve attached to an oxygen cylinder. He fed oxygen through the line then lit the steel wool causing the entire brake line to become a welding or cutting lance. No acetylene, no combustible gases, just oxygen. Video was amazing.

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  • JoeB95 commented on Nicholasjames's instructable Wooden Bear Paw Flip Flops3 years ago
    Wooden Bear Paw Flip Flops

    Funny, there was a guy in the NW woods who made giant bigfoot strap on soles. He would stomp around popular lake and stream sandy or muddy shores to get the tourists all a twitter. He loved local media claiming that his bigfoot prints were the real thing.

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  • JoeB95 commented on Hazard™'s instructable Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks3 years ago
    Cracking Single Dial Combination Locks

    Chinese website offers padlock picks that work on all types without entering the keyhole or dialing for combinations. These slide into the small gap around the shackle on the opening side and depress the internal latch. $5 for a complete set of quick and simple picks. Lose your key or combination? These are very fast, need no talent, and just work. To the complainers, a claw hammer will rip out most hasps in half a second, this is much easier than picking any lock so stop complaining that only crooks want to know how to open padlocks. Crooks don't have the patience or talent when a crowbar will do the job.

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