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  • JohnG647 commented on diycreators's instructable DIY RUSTIC MODERN BOOKSHELF AND STORAGE6 months ago

    I'm fairly new to wood working. I do have some wood that I want to use on a project in this seems perfect. I have a two 2x12 12 ft pieces of birch. Do you think that the frame would be able to support the weight of the birch? It it seems like it's a very heavy wood and I don't want to risk putting this all together just to have it collapsed under the weight. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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  • JohnG647 commented on uitechclub's instructable Easy Cab (arcade)1 year ago
    Easy Cab (arcade)

    Thanks for the reply. I actually finished my cabinet a couple weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Especially for the first big project I've made. I'm no great woodworker so my cuts were a little off (I think I should have used a circular saw instead of a jig saw ok big pieces}, but overall I really had fun building it. The painting part was much easier then I expected. Like really easy. All I did was have a quick sand the MDF, with giving the cut edges more sanding then the sides, then put down a coat of Kilz oil based primer, let it dry, did a light sanding again, repeated then did two coats of black semi gloss latex paint. It took a full day of paint and drying, but it came out great.

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