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  • JohnJ248 commented on BigjBehr's instructable ESP32 Bluetooth BLE Remote Control7 months ago
    ESP32 Bluetooth BLE Remote Control

    Hi Ben, It's late here in the UK (1AM!), the controller is a chinese (eBay) 2.4Ghz version of a PS2 controller. forward to your layout file, as the process doesn't sound impossible and I've got friends with the tools :) don't worry about seperating them.Happy ChristmasJohn

    Hi, Thank you for replying. I'm ok at soldering and have just built my first robot with my daughter. In the UK the most popular boards are ESP8266 - due to the better library support and these are the ones I have started to buy. universal board for the ESP32 and ESP8266 look amazing with the all the GPIO pins broken out to headers. The board with all the GPIO pins broken out to headers, a pushbutton switch, tri-color LED and a place for an IR sensor - would be great for my daughter as she is only 3 years old but starting to take some interest in how it all works!Thank you for your time.John

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