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  • Also... the bank pictured is 6x 350f in series. Total c is (c of one cell)/(#inSeries) * #of paralell rows

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  • none of the other designs ive seen use under 10v. im guessing not.

    IGBT has a nasty(for this application) hard voltage drop of about 2v . If i understand correctly it increases with the log of the current. Id go with the lowest Rdson mosfets you can find in paralell

    awesome project. I shelled out 120 for 20 of the maxwell 350f and then another 20 for a 6s 2p balance board. As i wait for the board i was sweating bullets over if the ESR will be low enough on the 350f model in series or if i wasted my money. Seeing your design with a Maxwell factory assembled cap module using the same caps calms me quite a bit. That said, one critique: its a cap bank or cap module its very imprecise to refer to it as "the capacitor". Its not technically wrong but Its not precise either. Its not like it aids in understanding either. If an ee student/someone were to read the side of the module they could probably figure it out but its not like the shell holding 6 super caps is in the shape most people associate with "a capacitor"

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