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  • Johnkaye commented on dr.jekyll2k's instructable Laser Cut Machinist Toolbox5 months ago
    Laser Cut Machinist Toolbox

    Years ago for an apprentice to become a master craftsman a toolbox such as this would be entirely hand cut and fitted together complete with the dovetail joints. The work was judged and it was decided if the apprentice was ready to become a master. I find it interesting that much has changed but remains the same. There is obvious mastery of the software used to design and cut this project as well as the mastery of assembling and finishing the project. Well done!

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  • Johnkaye commented on ShakeTheFuture's instructable Tin Can Hole Saw6 months ago
    Tin Can Hole Saw

    What amazes me about this is the closeup photo of the teeth that you cut. To get them evenly spaced, shaped the same, and looking like saw teeth that were cut with a Dremel, you must have the steady hands of a surgeon. Great job! Mine would come out as a zig-zag with points.

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  • Johnkaye commented on cparedes2302's instructable Make You Own Soroban Abacus1 year ago
    Make You Own Soroban Abacus

    Thanks for a really great project. I discovered the abacus several months ago and ordered one from China. There are excellent addition and subtraction lessons here: the link doesn't work search for the HEV project on YouTube. These are children's classes explained slowly and clearly, just what my addled old brain needs. What's amazing about the abacus is that you slide the beads and the answer appears. There is no thinking about addition and subtraction, it is a totally different way to think about math.

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