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  • JuanR153 commented on Bosonic's instructable Introduction to chainmaille3 years ago
    Introduction to chainmaille

    As Mex stated please don´t ever try shooting an arrow to test the endurance of a chainmaille. Archers were the first line of fire and with longbows that would shoot 50 mts with the added terminal velocity given by their higher ground. Some arrows would pierce through shields so chainmaille and arrows don´t mix. I´d at the same time add that maybe, were the rings smaller and if you have in handy some peasants (they are usually revolting) ready to lend you a "childe" to probably get blind at the end of the job.... It´d be a pretty good protection but again terminal velocity, skills, position and a rain of arrows no chainmaille owner would be safe XD

    hi may i ask you something? you show a lot of knowledge on the subject: I´ve seen etchings of retractable daggers of some kind at the boots (it´s plainly presented at the "cloack n´ dagger" wikipedia entry). Is that the boot-shoe you are referring to? Greets!

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