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  • JustinS315 commented on KH0RSH1D's instructable The Correct Way to Peel a Banana1 year ago
    The Correct Way to Peel a Banana

    ...what?In another comment you say you tried this method, and it didn't work for you.You then comment on someone else who did not like the method, the very one you tried and it didn't work... saying that they found something to be the case (not claiming it to always absolutely be the case). You're really going to argue that someone talking about their personal experience is wrong? You think you have a better understanding of a stranger's experience than they have themselves?

    you don't agree with people who prefer opening from the stem... yet you try opening from the other end and it doesn't work for you......So you are incapable of eating bananas and feel hostile towards anyone who can? lol

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