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  • KarlS19 followed Lorddrake2 years ago
  • Cleaning Rust Off of Tools Without Harsh Chemicals

    I had persistent rust/tarnish coming back on this one cresent wrench, I think it was the first model as it was old (just kidding from the 60's) I tried wax, but use w/gloves and wipping off after being used in wet conditions I think took it off, I had to degrease/dewax it well and then spray with a clear spraypaint, except where the jaws are, which wears off first use, but also wears off the rust, works great, break the adjuster screew loose before paint dries. I've tried it on others and switced to matte clear but they both work the same. On a similar note, a buddy purchased a powder coating kit from HF. That is the way to go! again,moving sections need to be broken free and he would brush the powder away from inside of socket before cooking, so as to not change the size.

    Ok, I had rusty tools, couldn't wait 3 days, so after my post this morning, I got a thinking, used my pressure cooker and 1 C vinegar and 1 teaspoon salt ... 10 minutes of cooking, natural cool down process (a pressure cooker thing) and here are the results, AWESOME, and super easy....

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