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  • KasunJ commented on sooraj619's instructable 5v Regulator

    WTH!!!super great idea bro!!!

    2A is a too much for such small device unless you have exactly higher voltage as same as the dropout voltage of this ic.:)

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  • i have an idea to make a great power supply with a ATX psu.using two buck boost converters(for two channels) and rotary switch for 3.3v , 5v , -5v and -12v.will this work?or anything else?and why always that 5v rail has maximum current output.huge that 12v rail.

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  • KasunJ commented on usbg3rd's instructable 10W R.M.S. Audio amplifier

    but i was soldered ic with heatsink is connected.otherwise i will buy more tda 2003 so can throw my old one.however i will use usb adapter to first test then ill use with my pc and how i measure power i dont have a multimeter.P=VI gives the power but its not practical as well.this is my usb amp you can give me a word about that,

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  • its just decoupling the input and the DC connection.if u dont add them its just make a little noise at the power on and its disappeared.but tonep, if my PSU is noisy(if not filtered the DC power) will this amp give a noisy sound? i cant imagine that how is your amp's sound quality? felling of the bass? i think its good because the prebuild amps are good. give me a reply if you the way this is a tricky instructables that not very complicated. :)

    i agree

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  • KasunJ commented on usbg3rd's instructable 10W R.M.S. Audio amplifier

    thats the problem bro my name. alright can u say me your name in facebook if exsist?because you are a good person that know about electronic glad to meet you.

    thanks for the very quick reply.i dont have any 12v battery so i cant test it but i can either do it with 9v battery.otherwise i like to build a amplifier using a premade module that i can buy from ebay to my pc.bcos these amps wont a another powersupply. so i can make a usb powered amp using premade amp.

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      • 10W R.M.S. Audio amplifier
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      • 32W Stereo Audio Amplifier
  • KasunJ commented on usbg3rd's instructable 10W R.M.S. Audio amplifier

    This amp isnt works as an amplifier.sound is not amplified is not works some times and also there is so unwanted sound either i cant increase volume.please help me to fix this problem.and can you say your name in facebook? then i can add u as friend thus i can solve my problems in this amp.please help me in this problem please.schematics i used that are posted by you and i was modified them to add pc board terminals and for real TDA2003 ic.i made the board according to your layout files.and i can see that your pcb is not like the pcb that u posted.anyways please help me quickly in this problem.

    PansiluJ its me

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