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  • OK, now we know how to make the lid and hanging string, but how about the line with the "fairy lights" and the battery pack setup? Unless you are supposed to go buy it somewhere, these instructions are only half there.

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  • KathleenR21 commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie glowing jars!

    Great for a kids room, especially the little ones when they want a bit of light at night, and this would keep their attention until they drift off to sleep. Maybe they wouldn't want to get up so often.

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  • KathleenR21 commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner

    Really nice idea. I might have an idea as well. It might be small, but here goes; Would there be a way to contain the melted ice water to one side while placing the pipes down low? Heat rises...would you get cooler air if the air passed through the lce and came out from either below it? Perhaps a vent could be placed in the top to take out the warmer air too, so only the coolest air stays in the tank?

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  • I kept mine in an aluminum wallet, but it got hacked when I had to take it out of the wallet to make a purchase. I don't think there was anyone behind me in line but I had to hand it to the cashier and she had it behind the register where I couldn't see. Later that afternoon the fraud charges started coming in.

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