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  • KenH139 commented on John deCaux's instructable How to Cook Boneless Buffalo Wings1 year ago
    How to Cook Boneless Buffalo Wings

    If you want to use drums, I recommend that you deep score them. A very sharp knife, as you don't want to hack 'n ' mutilate them. 1/2" scores apart works well. Deeper cuts in the deepest meat. Shallow cuts for the rest.You will then need to toss in corn starch as to get into the skinless cuts. This will emulate skin crunch.

    Of course. Two different things.Try what I wrote above. Works far better then whole wings.

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  • How Make Chicken Salt, Australia's Best Kept Secret

    What kind of diet food is a bagel and egg? And what chicken stock did you use? The interesting element of the type used is that it was natural. And apparently not available anywhere ever! And in regards to the OP, I would suggest a recalculation of salt and celery seeds. Just make it salt and celery salt. Drop a tsp. of salt and double the celery seeds into celery salt. Done. And please provide a link to the product. Please.

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  • KenH139 commented on scoochmaroo's instructable Krispy Kreme Donut (Doughnut) Recipe1 year ago
    Krispy Kreme Donut (Doughnut) Recipe

    Wrong. Carbs, carbs, carbs!Buttered toast would have a higher fat/carb ratio then this treat by quite a large percentage.

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  • KenH139 commented on b89kev's instructable How to Pan Fry the Perfect Steak2 years ago
    How to Pan Fry the Perfect Steak

    They are saying never use metal tools anywhere near a non-stick pan. Yes pans are made of metal, good on you for noticing. Teflon is fragile and very toxic. You do not want to scrape it up. If one ever see's a non-stick pan with scrapes and an imperfect, coating discard immediately.

    As an engineer you have over thought things ;)Flipping the steak often (30 sec) prevent deep cooking and toughening of the meat. Allowing the meat to cool quicker as each flip prevents deep heating on any given side. Extreme heating steams the fluids out and renders the fats. The ideal steak eg. medium-rare, should be a solid pink/red, not well-done gray with a pink/red stripe in the middle.

    Correct you are. Finally someone here who knows how to cook.I would add to the article that a little rendered beef fat (you can often ask the butcher for a small piece of fat when you purchase the steak. Cut it up and heat it in the pan before cooking the steak), or unscented coconut oil would be far preferred then olive oil which isn't intended to be heated, never-mind to extreme smoking temps!

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  • KenH139 commented on Befferoni and Cheese's instructable Baked Chicken and Waffles2 years ago
    Baked Chicken and Waffles

    It is sad that quality fats are being replaced by low quality carbs (sugars). Spray fat? What are you trying to accomplish other than a carbo centric low-fat/bad fat diet?

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