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  • It seems like aluminum can be cast into just about anything. I've seen many different projects where they have used aluminum to create just about anything. In this case you made a sling shot. Did you mold the aluminum into the shape yourself?

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  • This would be so nice to have, not to mention a great place to put my food storage. I have this big storage room in my basement that has the perfect amount of space for a shelving unit about this size. I'm glad you shared the step by step process. I'll see if my husband is up for the task! Thanks.

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  • If my car had this many rust spots I'd just get rid of it. However, my car only has one small but noticeable rust mark. I would like to prevent anymore from happening. It's good to know that general maintenance usually does a good job at preventing it, thanks.

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  • KiaraW1 commented on lebowski's instructable How to remove a tick

    Oh that poor dog, I'm sorry to hear that your dogs have to deal with ticks so much! I've never taken my dog anywhere that I've ever had to deal with ticks before. However, this summer I'm planning on bringing her on a camp-out with me. I thought it would be good to learn out to take ticks out of her just in case. I'll have to try out that circular motion tip you shared.

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