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  • Knibbo commented on samalert's instructable Car Interior LED Lighting Multicolor1 year ago
    Car Interior LED Lighting Multicolor

    Thank you. I Have tested the power outlet from the cigar lighter socket which reads 12.8. I have noted on the USB 2.0 socket plug that I fix into the cigar lighter outlet has a label that reads 1.5amp!! I take it that this is the max the LEDs can pull from this USB socket. Would I be correct in thinking that 1.5amp is insufficient to power my 50/50 RBG 9 led per strip x 4 strips ? If so would you think if I purchase a duel USB charger to cigar socket with 4.8 amps, 2.4amps to each outlet which can be used simutainiously that this might do the trick? Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

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