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  • LSD3 commented on LSD3's instructable Thermal Solar2 years ago
    Thermal Solar

    Off the grid for quite some time back back on things now that I am retired. If you're still interested reply back. I'll be checking my inbox every few days.

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  • LSD3 made the instructable Salvage Yard Solar2 years ago
    Salvage Yard Solar

    Sorry went off grid for quite awhile. Finally retired and am able to pursue my luv's. I hope you got your green house up. I'll post some newer pics soon. This is in fact my design base for our greenhouse. It has been up and running since 2009. Yes it's off the grid and many materials are recycled. Here's some pics. I use total automation for the system as I retired from Robotics and Automation's engineering. It is located in the Ozark Mountains at around 2000 ft. and is in service in excess of 10 months a year. My wife purchased the Greenhouse new due to my time constraints. 70% of the remaining materials are re-purposed.

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