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  • OK on second thought... a $5 Pi Zero W (if you can get it) vs. a $3 ESP8266... now that's a tiny price jump for a lot more capability. Maybe it's the display I really don't see the need for.

    Pi Zero W is usually $10 at Microcenter, right now you can get one for $5. to the other post, $35 for computing + display vs $3 still isn't great. I guess it depends on the use case.

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  • A small environmental station with a touchscreen display is a neat project, but it seems like overkill for the purpose. I built a remote temperature/humidity sensor with just an ESP01 and a DHT22. The ESP only costs a couple dollars compared to $60+ for the pi and displays. It uploads the data to where I can see history or create triggers based on temp/humidity (my plan is to control a smart plug powering a humidifier). I can monitor my sensor(s) from my phone with a MQTT dashboard.

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  • I scaled it up by 1.5x & put in dual controls. I really like the dual sticks since they can be mapped for games like Robotron 2084 as well as being used for 2 player games. The speakers on top are 5 1/4" Rockford Fosgate being driven by a small $10 Lepai amp - the volume controls are peeking through the lower left side below the monitor. We also installed Gstream on the Raspberry Pi as well as PiPlay for MAME, so the sound system can be used as a DLNA sink (to play music) from apps like Bubble uPNP.

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