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  • LarsR5 commented on KALEBSHOW2's instructable Door Alarm1 year ago
    Door Alarm

    nice prototype! If you want to make a usable version the following might help.If you connect a reed switch to the connectors of a water alarm sensor you have a similar effect.Conrad in Germany is just selling reduced water alarms fuer some 2,40 Euro.They include buzzer, housing, battery... made a similar project with them using a microprocessor because I wanted to have a delayed and "growing" alarm)

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  • LarsR5 commented on EasyIoT's instructable ESP8266 Temperature Logger With Email Alarm2 years ago
    ESP8266 Temperature Logger With Email Alarm

    I'm working on a similar project. Do you have any experiences how long the batteries last? The ESP-01 is not able of going into deep sleep mode (without hardware modifications) so it needs power all the time...

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