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  • LeeC93 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt8 months ago
    Make a Wood Tap From a Bolt

    I used a Dremal to cut my slots years ago with the head and a nut clamped in a vice, I then heated it up and quenched it in oil.It cleared out a bur in a aluminum block that had tapped hole.An hour later it was all back together holding just fine.

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  • LeeC93 commented on bekathwia's instructable Smart Lamp With ESP8266 & Amazon Echo11 months ago
    Smart Lamp With ESP8266 & Amazon Echo

    Great project, I may try it when I buy a echo.I am wondering if my Alexa on my fire stick TV can switch it on and off.The next question is possibly change out the button to a touch detection.I did a touch plate on an Arduino Uno or my Nano several years ago, not sure where that code is today, new PC. but that is a metal lamp or just add a plate over the back where your switch is at.Lee

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  • Arduino AND Bluetooth HC-05 Connecting Easily

    Has this been updated for Arduino IDE 1.6.1 And changed libraries?

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  • LeeC93 commented on ViDes's instructable Automated Greenhouse2 years ago
    Automated Greenhouse

    Script_Arduino_BDD_1.0.pyso the script is run using python Basilic_V2.1.inoBasilic_V2.1.inothis is easy use my PC to put code to the arduinoI think I have php5 installed, not sure how to test php5I have Apache2 installedwhen I go to a web page see It works!the default web pageWebsite.rarWebsite.rarI can not get my PI to extract an RARI had to do that on a windowsyou should use tar filesso where do move the extracted website.rar files too on my PIin order to get it to workThen I run python script, right?Lee

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