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  • Lendail commented on zaphodd42's instructable Make PVC Look Like Wood9 months ago
    Make PVC Look Like Wood

    Thanks for the compliments :) I used acrylic and a light spray of clear coat.The hardest part of this project was actually scratching the grain in. The plastic isn't much (if at all) harder than PVC, but the odd curves and shapes made it a lot more difficult. I was pleased to see that the end result is rather forgiving though since wood grain is already a bit chaotic. Just apply firm pressure to the file without hurting yourself :PThe costume I made it for was a Vampire Hunter one. While not a perfect match, it looked so similar to the other props I made from real wood that I don't think anyone noticed the difference. Thanks again for the advice on how to do this. It made a huge difference :D

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  • Lendail made the instructable Make PVC Look Like Wood9 months ago