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  • LeslieT29 commented on bluescrubby's instructable Repairing your Sonicare3 years ago
    Repairing your Sonicare

    Please Can somebody tell me what this part is and where I could buy them in the UK.Note please see my other post on this thread - im still getting to grips with the forum - sorry.

    Hi all, I would really love some help, and am really glad I have come across this website, can't believe I have never seen this before. I am a final year product design student at university in the UK, and I am designing a product which needs an induction charger like what is used on a toothbrush. So my question is what do I type in to find a condmuctive charging component/full kit like what is highlighted in the attached picture? Also, could youn recommend any UK based suppliers of such parts?Really appreciate any help on this.Best Regards,Les

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