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  • LibertyG2 commented on rhodylife's instructable DIY Raised Bed Planter3 years ago
    DIY Raised Bed Planter

    It's a nice looking bed, but I see several design problems with it that the beginner gardener will not realize until it's too late.First, the wire mess will sag under the weight of wet soil.Second, water will drain through the bottom when plants are watered, taking with it soil and nutrients.Third, even if the bottom were made of side by side boards, water would still drain making it quite a challenge to keep the soil moist.One easy fix and something I have done with an elevated bed similar to this one is to use a pond liner or 6 mm black plastic and put a small drain hole on the bed. Keeping shallow, elevated beds moist is a challenge, the liner will not cause water accumulation and root rot. Exces water simply evaporates out the top or is absorbed by the roots.

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