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  • The electrical circuit is only completed when you touch the welding gun to your workpiece. You will not get shocked if your just moving things around on the work table. That said, you should always be wearing thick proper welding gloves with MIG. It’s too easy to burn yourself either from the gun, the thing you welded, the table, or from molten metal while welding. You should also have a proper welding jacket to protect you from catching fire and burns, and the other standard safety gear. I would advise taking a class at your local community college or elsewhere.Welding is very dangerous, and if you don’t know what your doing or have someone to teach you who does, it’s very easy to get hurt.

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  • I don't understand how it works, but it looks cool. Any chance you could film a short video of it in action? I don't care how bad quality it is. Thanks.

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