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  • LovelyJen commented on manicmonday's instructable Easiest Bed Bug Trap3 years ago
    Easiest Bed Bug Trap

    I'm Going to do this today. I've been sleeping outside on an air mattress in my gazebo for months now. They should be starving by now. I got infested from a sofa i bought at a thrift store. Never again. We pulled the beds apart and sprayed and used DE. Still got bitten. I've started boxing everything up and ripping out old carpets and under pads; the old wallpaper is next and the paneling. House is old ( built ca. 1947) and absolutely FULL of cracks. I keep praying State Farm covers bed bug infestation disaster clean up, but they won't. Ugh. I wonder if i can use small bottles of it to put in the boxes of stuff. The boxes are plastic and probably slippery for them to climb out of ... I've had these bugs for going on a year now ... At my wits endTLJ

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