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  • How to Design and 3D Print Your Very Own Quadcopter !!

    Not sure if this instructable is still active but i have a few questionsFirst, i noticed in the video, the feed seemed to glitch alot. Anyway to make this better? wouldnt piloting this with a glitchy feed be hard to do?Second, i am new to this so which remote would be best for a brand new pilot?three, what is the range on this drone and airtime before charging?thanks, and great choice for using alen walkers faded for the movie haha


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  • Lt72884 commented on BrittLiv's instructable How to Smooth PLA 3D Prints1 year ago
    How to Smooth PLA 3D Prints

    I have thought of the rfid reset hack and also moving the chip to another filiment, problem is, it only has "200" meters allowed on the chip. So i would still have to spend 28$ to chip another chip or spend the money for the rfid stickers or reset. However, i like their filiment alot and i love the company so i support them by buying their product. I paid 220$ for my printer from them and it prints as good as my makerbot replicator at school:) done ALOT of test prints against eachother haha.I live in the USA as well. If you try their filiment, i strictly use the clear green and clear blue. Wish i could add an image but my phone doesnt want me to:)Thanks. I could always mail you a sample print of a scroll saw plate i had to make for a saw at home.

    It is made by xyzprinting.comIt is $28 for 600g but i have used alot of other stuff and i love this the best.

    Im glad your PLA can be sanded and smoothed. Mine can not:) I have even tried to machine it on a wood lathe and it does not like to be machined. I used an electric disk sander and it just sratched it up intil it melted haha. The PLA i use is extremly high quality and since it is chipped with a rfid, i cant use any other filiment except that of the company who makes the printer. However, the pronts are AMAZING!!, just wosh the pla could be sanded haha. Thanks and congrats

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  • Scratch Built Fireball Shooting Tricopter

    agreed. They just want the money. They probably didnt reach quota this year so they had to make up another excuse or something. So glad im a mechanical engineer and dont have to deal with this much red tape all the is what is interesting. You take a regular remote airplane, set it on a table, and people are like thats cool, you fly model planes. You set out a tricopter next to it and then all of a sudden your a bloody terrorist because it looks like something they would use for. For some reason people find the looks of them threatening. Interesting psychology to me

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  • This Footstool Is a Better Way to Use the Toilet

    if i could get away with lying on the ground, or anywhere for that matter, and stretch out like a baby and just poop, life would be fantastic.. but untill that day, it looks as if this DIY will do the trick.

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