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  • LydiaS10 commented on krummrey's instructable Create faceted papercraft-objects3 years ago
    Create faceted papercraft-objects

    That looks fantastic!

    Took me about 20 hours but worth every second! I used heavy cardstock for the base and a lighter cardstock for the antlers, but I should have used heavy duty for both. Would have been a lot easier if I would have printed the pattern right onto the cardstock instead of having to trace it but my printer isn't good enough. Also, I wasn't able to use double sided tape since it wasnt stong enough. I ended up using double sided glue tape and regular tape on the inside to strenthen it. I'd also suggest making the flaps that attach to the base a lot longer so it has more to hold on to, but it came out fine anyways.Thank you so much for the pattern!

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