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  • How to get FREE HDTV (and all your DTV questions answered)

    Hi - I am cutting the cable... I got my antenna and my digital TV is working great with about 12 channels.The issue is my PVR. I have to plug the antenna in the PVR and hook the PVR to the TV. My TV is fine now, no problems tuning. It is the PVR that is the issue. Everything used to be fine with cable, and playback is fine still now with the antenna. But the PVR cannot scan digital channels, only analogues, and so I cannot watch TV with the machine on. And so I cannot figure out now how to record TV programmes. Other than the antenna, there is no other 'in' plugs into the machine, only 'out' ones. Any ideas how to make my PVR recognize digital channels so I can record again? Thanks!

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