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  • I have done this and just poured it into mugs before cooking. Just mix it really well.

    What is the scale for? All of your measurements are in TBSP. Also to make it a lot less fattening but still tasting great substitute unsweetened applesauce for the oil, sugarfree hot cocoa mix for the cocoa and sugar and dark chocolate chips for the semisweet or milk chocolate ones. I have also used cashews for the nuts if you want them in it.

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  • JohnC430, oh how you make it sound so easy. Once upon a time I could have done the work myself, but alas I am in a wheelchair now and no one to help. I have to hire someone to fix what I can no longer manage. I know the $400 was way too much but I did get the rest of the sheet of board that he charged me for. Haven't called him again and never will. Thanks for your help though. Have a nice day. Lynne

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  • Thanks Jason. No termites, had 3 different companies check. Everyone please never use Terminex, guy told me I had them, put a lot of pressure on me to sign up and even showed me pics of wood supposedly falling from my floor, under the trailer. Wood can't fall through plastic without it tearing, and wasn't any plastic in the pic. Wasn't even a trailer, it was a house and wood was in a very neat pile with nice clean cuts from a saw. He was here all of 10 min.Next two guys took an hour to check everything and no signs anywhere. Boy was I glad.It will cost a fortune to replace this floor. Had a small section 2'x3' repaired a few years ago and I had to pay over $4oo. We're talking about a master bedroom, bath and large closet.

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  • Thanks ClayOgre. I think I am going to cry, insurance won't cover it. This stuff looks like sawdust, no big pieces of wood chips or shavings. I was hoping I could just spray something on it to hold it together a few more years. Who ever said bad luck comes in threes was soooooo wrong. Mine has been coming for months, one thing after another. Thanks again!

    Is there anyone on here who can help me solve this? I have a problem with my wooden floor in my trailer. When I had to remove part of my carpet due to mold I noticed that the floor underneath is made of what looks like sawdust and glue pressed into sheets of wood. Well this so called flooring is disintegrating. There are piles of sawdust coming out of it like little anthills. Does anyone know if there is a way to stop this process or am I going to have to replace all the flooring?

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  • LynneL11 commented on monaj's instructable Quilling Pop Up Card

    Can I get the instructions without the video? Videos use too much data and I don't get much to begin with.

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