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  • M.J.J commented on jprussack's instructable Pasteurize Eggs8 months ago
    Pasteurize Eggs

    Isinglass is a gelatin-like substance made from fish.Likely your father submerged the eggs in it to seal out air and this keep the eggs longer. Isinglass is now used primarily for glue when it's boiled down. I'm guessing the eggs were a bit sticky after being carefully spooned out by you? that's an amazing memory, I wonder if anyone still does that-I;ve heard of various things eggs were submerged in to lengthen their usable life, assuming that they'd be fully cooked, of course in their recipe.

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  • M.J.J commented on jonesaw's instructable Antler and Rawhide Coat Rack9 months ago
    Antler and Rawhide Coat Rack

    How has your rack lasted, since I see your post is a year+ old? I've been wanting to make a coat rack of long tree branches and like the antlers with rawhide strips. Did the screws in the antlers ever split the horn material, or get loose and powdery?

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  • M.J.J commented on maykitdiy's instructable Wood & Industrial Pipe Hall Tree DIY10 months ago
    Wood & Industrial Pipe Hall Tree DIY

    Are these crates sturdy enough that if they were all placed horizontally, with perhaps a board over the top, that it could be used as a sitting surface? For taking off boots, etc.? It looks great!

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  • M.J.J commented on jbutterfield's instructable Brick Oven1 year ago
    Brick Oven

    Beautiful! Thanks for showing all of the steps that are now hidden. In future designs,now that you've used this one extensively, would you think that having more of a shelf or counter on either side of the door to be helpful?As a landing place for small pizzas, or to warm plates, trays, etc? Maybe tile?

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  • DIY Tutorial - How to Make Enamel Sterling Silver Pendant Earrings

    Very pretty,but what about counter enamel(enamel on the back side of your disks)? Won't the front enamel flake or chip off over time without it?

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  • 5 Times The Trash to a Single Treasure Knife (54TASTK)

    Excellent knife! Maybe you could say it's a "leftie" knife for the asymmetrical handle.. I wonder if there's a way to work the holes from the brake disc into an attachment, probably asymmetrical, through the antler. possibly make identical holes through the antler, then run a wooden peg, or another plug of antler thru all three layers? Since the peg (and epoxy) would be perpendicular to the tang and antler, it might keep it all together better than parallel layers with epoxy? I've found in my work, that something like a "flaw" is better if it is used than concealed.. you've got my vote(s). Show us more!

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  • M.J.J commented on Tatterhood's instructable Kyoshi Metal Fans2 years ago
    Kyoshi Metal Fans

    Thank you! My kid couldn't have metal props so I used foiled cardboard from a party supply/cake decorating place. Now I want to make a brass fan for the wall!

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  • M.J.J commented on BrittLiv's instructable Sliced LACK table3 years ago
    Sliced LACK table

    This is so awesome, it made me late for work! Could the supporting legs be filled with a quick-set type concrete, as in, mix it in a bag, cut off a corner and squeeze it into the hollow leg? A block of wood could be the "cap" for the screw to attach through the rug?

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  • M.J.J followed ShakeTheFuture3 years ago
  • M.J.J commented on belsey's instructable Sun & bug lotion: one simple solution3 years ago
    Sun & bug lotion: one simple solution

    Very interesting and inspirational. Would agar agar work as a substitute for ewax? I buy the flakes, boil them up, strain it, store ti, covered, in the frig and strain again before using it. Sometimes I reboil it if I'm using some of the water along with the resulting gel, maybe that's just to comfort me that I'm killing any bacteria from my kitchen?

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  • M.J.J commented on ucn's instructable Astroturf Dish Drainer3 years ago
    Astroturf Dish Drainer

    Yes, the risks of the under layers of turf fields is known, but what about the lead in the grass blades? I've heard terrible stats on levels of absorb-able lead in astroturf, artificial Xmas trees and artificial flowers.. Is it the green color?

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