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  • "With U Smart Sole" DIY GPS Embedded Smart Shoe sole #MITBetterWorld

    Why did you put this in a shoe ? If you walk into water or if you walk on a nail, battery will explode...If the battery cover plate break, battery may get damage and again, flames and explosion.Just put this in a safe enclosure, in your bag, not in your shoe...

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  • M.J3 commented on deba168's instructable DIY All in One Solar Power Pack2 years ago
    DIY All in One Solar Power Pack

    Hi,if you use PWM instead of MPPT, you lose lot of power.If best conditions, your solar panel give 18V/40W, but because of PWM, you force your panel to work at 12V, so you get only 26W (30% lost). MPPT will work at 18V, giving you the maximum power from panel (MPPT = Maximum Power Point Traking).(sorry if bad english, not my natural langguage)

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  • M.J3 commented on victoryking's instructable Make a Personal Weather Station2 years ago
    Make a Personal Weather Station

    only the LDR use analog input, so you can replace arduino+esp8266 with esp8266 only. ESP8266 has one analog input and some digital inputs. Use a Wemos D1 mini, for example. For less than 3$, you have usb power, 3.3V input/output pin, 5V input/output pin, 1 analog input, 9 digital pins

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  • M.J3 commented on balsuryana's instructable From Old Motors Into Signal Booster2 years ago
    From Old Motors Into Signal Booster

    Sim card doesn't received the signal, the antenna does. Stickers booster don't work, it's always fake ! If this small metal thing increase reception, manufacturer would have use it !!!If you want to boost the signal, use a better antenna: disconnect the original and plug an extenal antenna.

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