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  • How to Sell Handmade Products

    I'm in UK just getting started on selling pottery nightlights and a range of cards so really appreciated your tips. Bonus for me is that tax is included here, but still worth remembering to count it for the taxman when doing the books. Love your deer heads, good luck for your selling future. Lucy, Kent ~ England

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  • Easy Homemade Soft Pretzels

    Discovered Pretzels when I stayed with a friend in Long Island in 2001, had them just outside Central Park on our day out in NYC ~fab. Here in UK seen them but tasted wrong :~( Tried yours and transported back to that sunny afternoon with my BFF girlfriend and my adored (sadly now late) SO. Thank you so much for helping me regain a wonderful memory.

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  • Homemade Microwave Popcorn

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Here in UK it's hard to get flavoured popcorn without "paying a King's ransom" This leaves too salty/too sweet (for me). Thanks to you today I made my own ~ hurrah! I experimented and added torn basil to my oil then stirred kernels in mixture so all got some = gorgeous. For a sweeter version I substituted honey and nutmeg/cinnamon did the same thing = delicious. Final version was soaking sultanas overnight in apple/elderflower juice (not concentrate) strained sultanas then rolled in kitchen towel to dry, stirred into kernels and straight into bag/microwave. Loved the warm plump and juicy sultana coupled with the popcorn. Still great when cooler. Tomorrow, going to try oil/basil version adding chopped cooked bacon.

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