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  • The Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts

    This would require a lot of structure. There would be a few diagonal shafts coming from a base. They would lean outwards, and as the base with the shafts spin the ball would be able to rise up the shafts and be launched out at the top. Loading the ball might be hard as well as making the area to cach them. If you have any ideas, let me know.

    Not really. You know the tubes used in some K'NEX ball machines? There would be 4 of those on an 80 degree angle. They would be closer together at the bottom. The whole lift would spin.feel free to ask anymore questions.

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  • The Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts

    I had an idea for a lift, but not the time. It is a high powered motor in the middle and it is essentially a long tube on the outside. It picks the ball up on the bottom and uses centrifugal force to push the ball to the side. Not only does it bring the ball up, but it gives it a kick at the end for a little jump element. If someone wants to try and build this, feel free.

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  • MajesticSepticEagle commented on Shadowman39's instructable Knex Double Helix Lift2 years ago
    Knex Double Helix Lift

    and my final problem is that the helix bows out in the middle. I plan on putting a guide opposite the track where the ball goes up to keep the helix stable. Does this sound like a good idea?

    I quadrupled the height for my ball machine, but the motor keeps stripping. Is there anything I can do? Please help

    Also, I love your Kne'x creations.

    thank you so much. What I meant was to put the motor directly on the helix. but I now realize that that would make it worse. I am going to gear it down as you suggested. I could also put a second motor. That could help. Would using one of the wind-up motors help?

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