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Hi, Remember back in the day when things were made in the USA? Made by hand, made to last? Now, most of it is made overseas? Well sometimes when others see what to them is junk, I see potential and treasure. I am the recycling, reuser, reducer, I am the one who takes that wooden chair that is just junk to them and paint and seal it. I take that old toolbox, get the dents out, strip the paint to bare metal and repaint it and bring it back to life. I mean I am careful about what I can keep and ... Read More »
  • Marshen Waha commented on fungus amungus's instructable Paint a Bike Frame1 year ago
    Paint a Bike Frame

    If you had purchased a stand and Park Tool Crank puller you could've had that off in 5-10 minutes.

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  • Marshen Waha commented on seamster's instructable Restore a Rusty Toolbox1 year ago
    Restore a Rusty Toolbox

    Upon close inspection of the pictures this is definately better left as is, the metal is gone in a lot of places and it would be difficult to restore.

    Also available at bike stores too!

    Love your toolbox! I am working on restoring one as well! I do understand you saying in the the other comments you were over budget on putting lacquer on I understand, I do agree with others you should put a lock latch on it. But ether way it looks great!

    Yes its 100% possible, just go to your local hardware store and you can find hinges for your toolbox. I am going to be doing that for mine.

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