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      • Quarter Iso-grid Cardboard Longboard
      • DIY Low Cost Air Hockey Table
      • Raspberry Pi Powered IOT Garden
  • 16x16 RGB LED Panel Arduino Projects

    Very nice. I must try some of your animations on my 16x16 table. Check it out

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  • Comment out the SD card related block of code in the main routine. It's only 5 or 6 lines. It includes the initialisation error messages. When I do this my table works. If I leave it in, the table displays nothing.

    Hi James, did you ever get the SD animations working? I have what I believe is a Sparkfun clone SD shield and like you say, the shield doesn't even slot onto Pin53? When I comment out the SD card related code in the main routine, everything works fine (bar sd animations). When I include that part of the code again, the sketch will upload but absolutely nothing happens on the table! Baffled, it's the last piece of the jigsaw...

    Yeah I've had everything working more or less since Christmas. I've changed some of the animations around and added some from the FastLED library (XYMatrix for example)I do use the Bluetooth module (torture to get working) and yes it is difficult playing Tetris added to the fact that mine is only 8x8! So you've very little time to react! At the moment I'm using a ws2811 strand which is like a string of Christmas lights. If I find time I might upgrade to the strips. Should be able to make it a 15x15 within the same space if I do.I really like the animations that can be made within Glediator and Jinx so I was hoping to get that bit working. So if I understand correctly, despite the re-wiring, the SD animations have never worked for you?

    Sorry meant "Does it mean" Not "Doesn't it mean".

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