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  • Bluetooth Controlled Arduino LED Coffee Table

    Comment out the SD card related block of code in the main routine. It's only 5 or 6 lines. It includes the initialisation error messages. When I do this my table works. If I leave it in, the table displays nothing.

    Thanks for speedy reply. In the mean time, I have soldered up the board like you did, bent appropriate pins and made the connections. But still no joy. Like I said previously, just by having what looks like the SD card related code in the sketch causes it not to run. No menu, no lights. if I comment it out the program runs but when I select option 1 for SD Animations, the menu just freezes. Very bizzarre. What I truly don't understand is how this ever worked for the author as presented here?

    Hi James, did you ever get the SD animations working? I have what I believe is a Sparkfun clone SD shield and like you say, the shield doesn't even slot onto Pin53? When I comment out the SD card related code in the main routine, everything works fine (bar sd animations). When I include that part of the code again, the sketch will upload but absolutely nothing happens on the table! Baffled, it's the last piece of the jigsaw...

    Hi RobC181,I know your comment was ages ago but I've been struggling with this for weeks. My SD shield is made by deek robot but it looks very similar to to yours. By doing this mod, doesn't mean we can leave the code as is? Weirdly if I leave the block of code "pinMode (53, Output)"sdcard initialisation done") in the sketch, my table stops working altogether. I have to comment out that section to get all the rest of the games/animations working?

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