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  • 10 Alternative Fixes With Antacids

    Great ideas. Will definitely use #s 2,3,5,10 & 11.

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  • The ULTIMATE Plumbing Tricks Guide (15+ Tricks)

    Ladies, those pumice facial scrubs squeezed onto the bowl brush will also work if neither a pumice stone nor sandpaper is available. Just flush after brushing the "ring".

    If it's inconvenient or impossible to remove the showerhead in order to soak it, place a small microfiber shop towel into a gallon-size plastic bag, add a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water, get the towel well soaked then zip-tie the bag with the vinegar water and towel tightly around the neck of the shower head with the head pressed tightly against the towel. Comback tomorrow, wipe showerhead with the micro towel and remove the attached bag. Next time, don't wait until the showerhead is so clogged and it will clean in only a few hours soaking!

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  • Mary Ellen Waithe commented on jeffeb3's instructable Add Window to Shed6 months ago
    Add Window to Shed

    Thanks not only for the basic instructions, but for the helpful hints, like watching out for the flimsiness of the wall board, using thicker, wider lumber for framing, etc. I'm about to reuse windows taken from my home when I replaced basement windows with escape windows. and create some lighting/ventilation for my shed. Just have to wait for the temps to go above freezing!

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  • Mary Ellen Waithe commented on 優簑's instructable Bra Cover1 year ago
    Bra Cover

    I understand the purpose: to conceal the visible top of the bra. But wouldn't it be easier and much cheaper to simply pick a coordinating print of ribbon (so many varieties are easily available) and stick the ribbon onto the bra? Takes far less time, and less money also.

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  • Mary Ellen Waithe commented on i.hate.karl.kilburn's instructable DIY Micro Camper1 year ago
    DIY Micro Camper

    I'd switch out the location of the door and one window, putting the door on the long side of the trailer. Then, rather than a conventional door, I'd make it a drop-down ramp right over the fender, and hang patio-door-style $10 bug screen curtain on the inside. You'd need a simple pulley system to raise the ramp door, from the inside, but could lift it up from the outside and bolt it shut from either side. Such a door would make it much easier to load stuff because its wider than a conventional door and because it's in the middle of the camper. The bug screen means that you can leave the ramp open on warm nights without getting eaten up.

    I'd add a mini platform to the frame's apex to hold a large canvas bag of stuff you might want access to in the middle of the night, or in bad weather, but don't necessarily want to store inside the camper (or don't have room for). Then, add a "doggie door" at that end of the camper so you don't need to go outside to get the gear..

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