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  • TJBot - Use your voice to control a light with Watson

    Great!Thank you for your help. So, I specified the device when instantiating the mic and it worked, it now recognizes my voice.The problem now is that the led don't change colors (it's green, and always green).I did the suggestions on the Troubleshooting part of the article but after reboot I see several "snd" modules loaded, likesnd_usb_audio 118800 3 snd_hwdep 5727 1 snd_usb_audiosnd_usbmidi_lib 19801 1 snd_usb_audiosnd_rawmidi 18516 1 snd_usbmidi_libsnd_seq_device 3621 1 snd_rawmidisnd_pcm 75762 1 snd_usb_audiosnd_timer 19288 1 snd_pcmAny suggestions?Thank you in advance.

    I live in Brazil and it's really hard to find the adafruit version or anything similar around here. And shipping from adafruit site to Brazil is way way way to expensive.Maybe someone could ship a kit from the site to me via regular mail? :DThank you for all your help.

    Maybe I found the answer.. I may be using a different type of led.We have the ground pin and one of each other is for one color.Does the led used on the article has a special name, or some way I can identify it to purchase in a store?Thank you.

    Hi.When I run stt.js program it shows the message:"TJBot is listening, you may speak now."but don't give me time to speak and close the program right after showing the message. No errors, nothing, just show the message and close the program.I am using an USB sound card with both input and output. Both arecord and aplay commands works just fine, I am able to record and listen to the audio I've recorded. I am also able to use the voice control to control bb-8.Any suggestions?Thank you.

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