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  • Megrdh commented on Mostlymade's instructable The Maitlands3 years ago
    The Maitlands

    I bought some insulation foam at home depo to make these but I'm worried because it's the white foam (not as dense as the pink or blue stuff) it was a big 2 inch thick 4x 8 sheet. I had them cut in to 8 even squares. Was yours created with the cheaper white foam. It cost me 20.00 for the sheet. I'm hoping I can pull this off. I'm not very artistic so I'm a little nervous. Your carving looks very clean.

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  • Megrdh commented on TheRemy500's instructable The Maitlands!3 years ago
    The Maitlands!

    hi I'm in the process of making your masks! You are so talented! My plaster wrapped mask was a little crackly and not so smooth. So I added model magicked to the outside of the mask smoothing it out with water. It's drying a little cracky. I have not yet made the eyes, lip line, wrinkles. How did you get the mask so smooth? I don't want to add magic mold to more then I have too, I'm not even sure it it was a good idea, but the plaster looked to rough to paint. Any advice. I haven started The other mask so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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