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  • How did you get from tires to track chain? Looks great, just this one step missing.

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  • I made an outdoor one using corks to keep spaces open in the bottom (then drilling them out) a few years ago. Looks great. Only problem is it weighs 65lbs!!

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  • Couple of problems here: 1. There's absolutely no mention of the brake pedal, which is absolutely critical, especially if you've taken the car out of gear, released the parking brake and have the car parked on you know, a public road. 2. I learned how to drive with a stick, from a professional driving school and I most certainly did not a)take the car out of gear without engaging the clutch (good luck with that!!) or b) take the car out of gear in order to start it. I really hope that anyone who wants to learn how to drive a stick shift will ask a real person to show them and hopefully take a course. But thanks for your attempt

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