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  • MichaelA556 commented on makerinchief's instructable DoggoBot Version 11 year ago
    DoggoBot Version 1

    I am so excited to get started on this!! Thanks for the really clear step by step approach to making this. Even a member of the great unwashed such as I can follow along.I do have a question however, any idea how you can get a home eeg (I have the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile) to send commends to the dog bot? I'd jump over the moon if I can just get it to move forwards using 'mind control' haha. I suck with programming though so I'm not sure if you can get a code something like UP = 'input x from bluetooth device' to work and how to link the two programs so that they 'talk' to each-other or if you can link the device directly as the sole controller for the dog bot.Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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